Thursday, 21 May 2015

White Opal Effect Acrylic Nails with Bling.

White Opal Effect Nails with Bling...

Sculptured Acrylic with Young Nails Rainbow White, Ozone, Apple, Sakura Storm, Star Sand, GlitterGasm Summer Set 6 & Crystals.


  1. Hi, I really love this design! So much so that I'm contemplating doing this for my wedding X) what are the colors and glitters that you used? If I ever use this design and decide to post it on line I'll make sure you get credit. I don't use social media much (I really only use it to enter stuff like giveaways) anyway so stolen credit won't be a problem!

    1. I've had my nails like this I just used some clear iridescent glitters smaller glitters

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